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Life Skills for Disability Special Needs Children​

We will teach straight to the point life skills to your child. We believe in going over the same skills. Disability Fitness Sports Karate Life Skills. believes in repetitions because it’s the most effective way your child will learn life skills. The earliest age your child starts learning life skills. the better off they will be able to achieve and continue learning.

  • Improvements in their behavior and especially behavior skills in the community.
  • Learning and improving proper etiquette and manners such as eating properly at dinnertime, how to greet and say bye, knowing when to be self aware, and using common sense.
  • Following directions and listening skills.
  • Learning everyday skills for daily living. Self care such as brushing teeth, how to put on shoes, and tie laces. How to do household chores, hold a cup of water and many other daily skills.
  • Going out into the community.​

Took Thomas out into the Community, With the goal of having him getting use to being out in public. Thomas is 13 yrs old.